onsdag 7. august 2019

Hong Kong protests: Australia issues travel alert as China warns of worst crisis since 1997

Australians travelling to Hong Kong have been warned to exercise a “high degree of caution” as China said Hong Kong was facing its worst crisis since the former British colony was handed back in 1997. The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (Dfat) said: “There is a risk of violent confrontation between protesters and police, or criminally linked individuals, particularly at unauthorised protests.” Ireland, the UK, and Japan have all issued Hong Kong travel warnings since July.

Zhang Xiaoming, one of the most senior Chinese officials overseeing Hong Kong affairs, spoke on the issue at a meeting in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen to discuss the crisis. “The central government is highly concerned about Hong Kong’s situation, and trying to study, make decisions and arrangements from a strategic and across-the-board level,” Zhang said in opening remarks. “Hong Kong is facing the most serious situation since its return to China, therefore today’s seminar is very important.”