lørdag 3. august 2019

Hong Kong civil servants embarrass government with protest against extradition bill and determination to ‘stand together with citizens’

Hong Kong civil servants risked the wrath of their embarrassed employer on Friday night as they gathered for an unprecedented rally in the city’s business district and called on the embattled government to meet protesters’ demands over the raging extradition bill turmoil. Flanked by thousands of ordinary Hongkongers, the government employees’ protest went ahead despite – just hours earlier – the city’s second-highest official, Mathew Cheung Kin-chung, urging those on the public payroll not to “do things in contrast with the government’s views”.

But those who turned up at the Chater Garden rally said they were undeterred and had joined the protest in their personal capacity and on their free time. Cheung Ka-po, one of the rally organisers, said their participation would not compromise their professionalism.