lørdag 31. august 2019

Hong Kong burns during another weekend of violence with live shots fired, bonfires ablaze on the streets and MTR network crippled

Rampaging protesters reduced Hong Kong’s streets to charred battlefields on Saturday, setting off multiple fires and hurling petrol bombs at riot police who fought back by firing rounds of blue dye from water cannons and tear gas, as the city marked yet another weekend of heightened violence. Police fired two live rounds into the air to fight off a violent mob near Victoria Park in Causeway Bay, sources told the Post, as word spread of undercover officers mingling with the demonstrators.

The incident was just one of many shocking turns of the day on the 13th straight weekend of protests in the city. Across various locations, elite “raptors” from the Special Tactical Squad fought pitched battles in smoke-filled streets with hard-core protesters, or chased after them, wrestling some to the ground as they made on-the-spot arrests.