onsdag 28. august 2019

Hong Kong Airlines staff face unpaid leave and reduced working hours as travellers deferring or cancelling trips cause cash flow shortfall

Hong Kong Airlines staff could be asked to take unpaid leave or reduce their working hours because of a cash flow “shortfall”, blamed on the anti-government protests, which has prompted thousands of travellers to defer or cancel trips. In a note to staff on Tuesday, the loss-making airline blamed its worsening financial problems on the citywide demonstrations, which have regularly turned violent.

“As you are aware, hundreds of our flights in and out of Hong Kong were cancelled because of public assemblies at the airport … which impacted on our cash flow,” the note said. “To let us get prepared for the foreseeable difficult time in Hong Kong, you are encouraged to clear your unused annual leave and the company will also consider implementing additional measures, such as part-time options or unpaid leave programmes to all employees across the board,” the company said.