mandag 26. august 2019

Democrats need a China strategy to replace Trump's aggressive policy

Democrats have been battling President Donald Trump on almost every major policy issue ever since the former real estate magnate entered the White House. But on China, arguably America's most consequential foreign policy challenge, Democrats have been strangely cheering their political nemesis from the sidelines.

They have not only embraced Trump's hard line on trade with China, but also appear oblivious to the consequences of the Trump administration's policy of waging a long-term, full-spectrum strategic confrontation with Beijing. When it comes to China, Democrats have been outmaneuvered by Trump. Beijing is deeply unpopular with the American public. The most recent Pew Research survey reveals that 60% view China unfavorably and 53% think bilateral economic ties are a "bad thing." Only 41% think such ties are a "good thing."