lørdag 10. august 2019

China bans Cathay Pacific staff involved in Hong Kong ‘unlawful’ protests from mainland routes

Beijing has ordered Cathay Pacific to stop aircrew who joined or supported illegal anti-government protests in Hong Kong from operating flights to mainland China or using Chinese airspace, firing its first warning shot at the city’s corporate giants. In a statement issued on Friday night, the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) told Hong Kong’s flagship carrier that from Saturday, staff who had taken part in “illegal protests”, “violent actions” and “overly radical activities” in the city would not be allowed to fly to or from the mainland.

The regulator also made it clear that from Sunday the airline would have to submit identification details of all aircrew operating all services using mainland airspace. Flights that did not have CAAC-approved crew lists would not be allowed to use Chinese airspace, it said.