fredag 12. juli 2019

US finds its enemy of the moment in China

China is the enemy. China is not the enemy … Can’t Washington make up its mind? Sino-American relations are complicated; some people just can’t handle that. Unfortunately, there is no moral charity to be had here.Already, hardliners in the United States – including most of the key people overseeing trade, national security, and the military and intelligence services in the Trump White House – have concluded that China is not only an enemy, but the enemy of the US.

However, that’s a role that Beijing has steadfastly refused to play. An open letter has been sent to US President Donald Trump and members of Congress to warn against treating China this way. Signed by dozens of the most prominent figures in the scholarly, foreign policy, military and business communities in America, it argues China is not the mortal threat often portrayed in the US, but treating it as such will undermine America’s interests at home and aboard.