torsdag 18. juli 2019

Think China’s data is an unbeatable AI advantage? A new report says otherwise

In this dawning age of artificial intelligence, data is the new oil and China is the new OPEC. But a new report released on Tuesday suggests that the staggering amount of data generated by China’s 1.4 billion population may not be as big an advantage in the global AI competition as it was thought to be.

The report by MacroPolo, the in-house think tank at the Paulson Institute in Chicago, argues that data is not a single-dimensional resource for AI and despite China’s formidable data reserves, the US still holds advantages in data quality and data diversity. “Many assume the size of China’s population gives it an advantage in the volume of data, but this is actually misleading,” said Sheehan, a San Francisco-based fellow at MacroPolo who wrote the paper.