søndag 14. juli 2019

The difference between a Kowloon extradition bill protest and one on Hong Kong Island: it’s more than just fishballs

«This is a time for Kowloon people to be proud!” Vivian Chiu Ma-yan, 34, a Facebook user in Hong Kong, said on her page last week. “Finally, this time we don’t need to hop across the harbour to join a protest!” She was referring to last Sunday’s mass rally against the now-suspended extradition bill – the first one on the Kowloon side of Victoria Harbour.

While Hong Kong Island holds the administrative centre where government buildings and the chief executive’s official residence are located, Kowloon contains much of the character of Hong Kong, with its old shophouses, arts and entertainment zones, as well as flashing neon lights, a stark contrast to the cold, gleaming steel and glass across the water.