lørdag 6. juli 2019

Taiwan Politicians Continue to Align Themselves With Hong Kong Protestors

Protestors in Hong Kong demanding the withdrawal of a controversial extradition bill find a reliable ally in Taiwan. Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen, speaking one day after protesters flooded the streets of Hong Kong yet again to oppose the city’s controversial extradition bill, called their demands “justifiable” and urged the Hong Kong government to listen to its citizens.

“We see people in Hong Kong taking to the streets to voice their demands,” Tsai said on July 2. “We hope the Hong Kong government can listen to the voices of the people and face the issue with sincerity. I believe that’s the way to solve conflicts in society.” Tsai and her administration have been vocal in their opposition to the bill, which would allow Hong Kong authorities to extradite suspected criminals to China, where they would not be guaranteed fair trials.