torsdag 4. juli 2019

Hong Kong protests: Did violent clashes sway public opinion?

A splinter group of protesters smashed their way into Hong Kong's legislative council on Monday, breaking glass walls, defacing paintings and spraying graffiti. It was denounced by the city's leader as an extreme use of violence, but how do residents feel about what happened? On the roads that surround Hong Kong's Legislative Council (LegCo) small groups of passers-by take photos of what is now being described as a crime scene. Some peel hand-written post-it notes from walls as memorabilia.

Twenty-four hours earlier, the bustling six-lane carriageway that surrounds the government offices was held ransom by thousands of young protesters demanding the withdrawal of a controversial extradition law. Armed with makeshift barricades, they stormed Hong Kong's parliament - spraying graffiti on walls, and working in teams to deface symbols of Hong Kong's law-making body.