søndag 28. juli 2019

Hong Kong protesters are winning without even knowing it. But what next for the movement?

Hong Kong’s democracy movement is back from the brink. The next question is, after the explosion of political energy the anti-extradition bill campaign has produced during the last two months, how can all the new momentum be put to the best possible use. It can go either way: consolidate gains and move forward, or sink back into the doldrums that have overtaken all of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy causes during the past two years.

It has begun already. “Despair…” proclaimed a headline in early July. It had all been for nothing. Tens of thousands, probably millions of Hong Kongers – too many to count – protesting for days, week after week, ultimately invading Hong Kong’s Legislative Council itself and trashing the main chamber. It was something unheard of in all of Hong Kong’s history including both British colonial before 1997, and the 20 years since. That day was July 1st, a public holiday and the twenty-second anniversary of Hong Kong’s transfer from British to Chinese rule.