lørdag 27. juli 2019

Hong Kong lawmaker says opponents walking 'path of not being alive'

A pro-Beijing lawmaker who has become a figure of hate among pro-democracy circles in Hong Kong has issued a direct threat to his opponents after vandals attacked his office and the graves of his parents. "Today, I want to tell you very clearly," Junius Ho said, in Cantonese in a video posted on Facebook late Tuesday. "The paths before you? One is a path of being alive, one is a path of not being alive. You must choose which path to take. Decide soon."

A longtime critic of the pro-democracy movement, Ho has come under pressure after a video emerged of him appearing to congratulate men who allegedly attacked protesters in the far north of Hong Kong on Sunday.  At least 45 people were injured in that attack, which saw men in white shirts, armed with metal poles and bamboo sticks, descend upon protesters and passersby at Yuen Long subway station. Videos showed people being beaten on the floor and left bloodied and dazed.