onsdag 10. juli 2019

Hong Kong families are feuding as China extradition bill exposes generational fall in living standards

In the now widely-shared Facebook video, a young man in a Hong Kong restaurant stands up at his table and glares down at his family members. "You're criticizing my friends, saying we're all radicals, saying we're criminal triads," he says, voice raised, as an older relative gestures for him to sit down. "You dare to call us triads?"

It's an inter-generational spat that has played out in many families across Hong Kong over the past month, as violence and unrest rocked the city. Family WhatsApp chat groups have descended into political shouting matches. Friends and relatives have publicly clashed in Facebook posts.

The family feuds began when the government introduced a controversial bill to allow extradition from Hong Kong to China, and spiraled as record-breaking protestsswept the city throughout June. The anger boiled over on July 1, when mostly young protesters stormed and trashed the government headquarters.