søndag 28. juli 2019

Chinese students upset by ‘preferential treatment’ universities give to foreigners

In all the years Alex Shu has spent at Capital Normal University in Beijing he has never once used the campus swimming pool. He was always told it was under maintenance – it had been since 2015 – so if he wanted to swim he would have to go to the local gym. It came as something as a shock, therefore, when he found out from an online video recently that the university did have a working swimming pool, only it was reserved for international students.

The pool is at the International Culture Centre and the video clip shows a security guard telling Chinese students about its exclusive status. “The centre used to be a hotel before being renovated and reserved for international students,” Shu said. “Mainland students can only get in if they are selected as an international student’s study partner. It’s not fair for us mainland students at all.”