onsdag 24. juli 2019

China’s conspiracy to instal its puppet as Tibet’s next Dalai Lama

Communist games can be sometimes funnier than what Karl Marx or his dialectical materialism theories could have ever imagined. China’s communist leaders’ latest craze is to appoint a team of Buddhist monks under the leadership of a senior communist leader to discover the next incarnation of Tibet’s exiled Dalai Lama soon after he is dead. Their main purpose is to install a puppet Dalai Lama in order to put a stamp of legitimacy over their colonial control on Tibet.

The story started in 1949 when Chairman Mao’s People Liberation Army (PLA) conquered a major chunk of Eastern parts of Tibet. Following this he had no problem in coercing the 15-year old Dalai Lama’s theocratic government in Lhasa to sign on the dotted lines of what it called the “17 Point Agreement”. This agreement celebrated the ‘peaceful liberation’ of Tibet and its amalgamation into the ‘Motherland’ as an ‘Autonomous Region’ of China in 1951.