lørdag 6. juli 2019

Children of detained Uyghurs held in mass boarding schools in Xinjiang, research claims

Children of parents detained in China's vast system of "re-education camps" in the far west region of Xinjiang are being separated from their families and placed in huge, purpose-built boarding schools as part of a "coordinated state campaign" to provide "full-time or near full-time care for all children from a very young age," new research has found. 

According to independent researcher Adrian Zenz and the BBC, children are being placed in "highly secured, centralized boarding facilities," whether or not they have other relatives who could serve as guardians. Zenz, a German researcher who has emerged as one of the leading experts on China's vast system of camps targeting the Muslim Uyghur minority in Xinjiang, drew on open-source, government documents, both state and private media articles, propaganda and evidence from former detainees.