søndag 21. juli 2019

Beset by fears for Hong Kong’s future as extradition bill protests continue to rage, many in the city are thinking of leaving

Mr Wong’s anxiety grew every time he watched videos or news footage of police firing tear gas and wrestling with protesters in Hong Kong, and has prompted him to seriously consider a way out for his family – emigration. The 46-year-old education professional witnessed the 1997 handover to China, the boom and bust in the city, and what he said was an increasing penetration of mainland Chinese culture and waning freedom in Hong Kong.

For Wong, who did not want to give his first name, the extradition bill protests finally ended his desire to stay in the place where he was born, grew up and started a family. “The current political climate is not peaceful, and the Hong Kong I know is very different from what it was before the handover,” he said. “Emigration is a serious decision, and one I have to think about for my children’s future as well.”