fredag 3. mai 2019

Will US go to war with China to defend Taiwan?

Two US warships sailed through the Taiwan Strait on April 28 as the Pentagon increases the frequency of naval activity in the strategic waterway despite opposition from China. The move risks further raising tensions between the United States, Taiwan and China, and it could lead to a disastrous war. The three parties are on a collision course, and unless something dramatic changes, armed conflict is virtually inevitable. Although there is still time to avert a calamity, time is running out.

Washington analysts continue to see an attempted People’s Liberation Army (PLA) invasion of Taiwan as prohibitively risky for China, but the threat is real and must be taken seriously. The question is, will the US go to war with China for Taiwan, and consequently face catastrophic consequences? The answer is no. It is easier to use allies to duel it out. These actions are on display globally as you see many countries are being drawn into the US effort to contain China’s growing influence. And they are taking some hard knocks for it.