søndag 5. mai 2019

Memorial Museum Opens Ahead of 30th Anniversary of Tiananmen Massacre

Since the massacre of civilians with machine guns and tanks began 30 years ago on the night of June 3, 1989, the Alliance has campaigned for a reappraisal of the ruling Communist Party's verdict of "counterrevolutionary rebellion," which the Chinese leadership under late supreme leader Deng Xiaoping used to justify the bloodshed. Hong Kong is the only Chinese city that still holds regular memorial events for the victims of the massacre, including the Alliance's mass candlelight vigil in downtown Victoria Park.

"Against all odds, Hong Kong Alliance is now reopening the June 4th Museum ,the only place in China where the truth about June 4 can be told," the Museum announced on April 30, the anniversary of a key editorial in the People's Daily newspaper branding the movement "counterrevolutionary" and paving the way for the fall of liberal premier Zhao Ziyang.

"Only by telling the truth, protecting memory, learning from history, distinguishing between right and wrong, and upholding justice can such a criminal tragedy be prevented from happening again," it said.