onsdag 8. mai 2019

CBS Censors a ‘Good Fight’ Segment. Its Topic Was Chinese Censorship.

Midway through the most recent episode of “The Good Fight,” a legal drama that deals with Trump-era politics, a scene depicting a confrontation between lawyers and their clients abruptly stops. Shortly after, for about eight seconds, a black screen flashes the words, “CBS HAS CENSORED THIS CONTENT.” Some viewers saw the message as satire, just part of the show’s irreverent approach to current events, Michelle King, one of the showrunners, said in an interview on Tuesday. Others, Ms. King said, took it as the producers had intended: literally.

The show, which runs on the CBS All Access streaming channel, and is a spinoff of “The Good Wife,” often breaks from its plot for an animated musical short that digs into controversial political issues of the day with an explanatory style similar to “Schoolhouse Rock!” A theme of last Thursday’s episode was American companies that want to do business in China and the pressures they face to appease Chinese government censors. An animated short was created on that same theme.