torsdag 30. mai 2019

2019 Shangri-La Dialogue: US-China Competition Looms Over Asia Security Summit

This weekend, the 2019 iteration of the Shangri-La Dialogue (SLD), Asia’s premier security summit, kicks off in Singapore. While the SLD’s proceedings this year will again feature perspectives from officials and scholars alike on a wide range of security issues, one can expect the subject of heightening U.S.-China competition to dominate the headlines surrounding it given the regional and international attention to it in recent weeks.

The SLD itself usually sees a hive of activity at various levels, be it debates at the sessions themselves about state of the Asian security order or the numerous meetings on the sidelines that occur between officials as well as practitioners and experts. But each iteration is also an opportunity to take stock of the extent of continuity and change in the regional security environment as well as to assess which subjects are dominating the conversation.