søndag 21. april 2019

Trump soured relations in Latin America. China and Russia have welcomed the chaos.

With Venezuela in flames, China and Russia are seeking claims in the rubble. But the United States has been caught flat-footed, and the Pentagon is struggling to develop ways to blunt the countries’ influence in Latin America since President Trump has antagonized and distanced himself from nations in the Western Hemisphere.

Defense officials have sought non-force options to deter China and Russia in Venezuela, CNN reported this week, through a mix of humanitarian missions and more training in Latin America led by U.S. Southern Command, the Pentagon arm that oversees a sixth of the world’s land mass. Yet experts said those efforts and others are in opposition to pressure and rhetoric from the White House, which has made significant demands to Latin American nations to curb migration and drug trafficking without offering much in return — all while ceding influence and support that Russia, and particularly China, have been happy to take over.