tirsdag 2. april 2019

The trial of Najib Razak: former PM to face court of over global 1MDB scandal

On Wednesday, the trial of the former Malaysian prime minister Najib Razakwill finally begin, after a two-month delay. Najib, who was unexpectedly toppled from power in a general election in May 2018, has been arrested multiple times over the past year on charges relating to 1MDB, a vast corruption scandal which saw billions of dollars embezzled from a Malaysian state fund set up by Najib.

During Najib’s tenure, billions were illicitly spent around the globe on everything from Manhattan real estate and hotels, to yachts, Picasso paintings, diamonds and Hollywood films. It is alleged that about $1bn ended up in Najib’s personal bank account. Najib has said he had no knowledge of the multibillion dollar fraud.