fredag 19. april 2019

The Man Who Made Your iPhone Wants to Run Taiwan. A Sea Goddess Backs Him, He Says.

The billionaire Terry Gou, whose company is best known for manufacturing iPhones, announced Wednesday he would run for Taiwan’s presidency, saying his bid had received a divine blessing — from a Chinese sea goddess. Mr. Gou’s entrance into the presidential race shakes up Taiwan’s political playing field and draws into sharp focus the self-ruled island democracy’s strained relations with China, where his consumer electronics giant, Foxconn, has large investments.

Earlier in the day, Mr. Gou donned a baseball cap and sunglasses and visited a temple in Taipei dedicated to a popular Taoist and Buddhist goddess, Mazu, who is believed to protect seafarers. Mr. Gou told reporters the deity had approached him in a dream, entreating him to run for president in order to improve the economy and relations with China.