torsdag 11. april 2019

Russian warships arrive in the Philippines amid rising South China Sea tensions

Two Russian destroyers and a tanker have docked in the Philippines for a "goodwill visit" amid escalating tensions in the disputed South China Sea. The destroyers Admiral Tributs and Vinogradov -- classified as "large, anti-submarine ships" -- docked in Manila early Monday, along with the Admiral Irkut, a "large sea tanker," according to the Philippine News Agency.

It is the second time this year Russian vessels have docked in the Philippines. In early January, three Russian naval ships docked in the Philippine capital for what was described as a visit to "further enhance and sustain the promotion of peace, stability and maritime cooperation." The most recent arrival comes just months before the two countries are due to sign a naval cooperation agreement, likely in July, which will reportedly involve more joint training exercises and reciprocal port visits.