fredag 12. april 2019

How Hungary’s Path Leads to China’s Belt and Road

China’s Belt and Road Initiative puts Hungary, the first European country to participate in the plan, at the center of the Eurasian world. Geographically, this award might be given to Turkmenistan, but politically and economically, China has made it clear that Viktor Orbán’s Hungary will hold this position.

Due to Hungary’s various identities, the Sino-Hungarian relationship makes sense to achieve the political and economic goals of both parties. Hungary has always existed with an odd identity in Europe. This is primarily evident in its regional classification: Central-East Europe. It cannot be classified as “central” with the likes of Germany and Austria. Similarly, it does not exist in the same eastern world with Ukraine and Moldova. Formerly part of the Soviet Union, Hungary now carries a second identity as part of the European Union. However, Hungary still only operates in this capacity as the “eastern frontier” of this western project. Hungary does not fit the commonly used east-west binary usually used in European politics.