tirsdag 30. april 2019

Enter the New Era Socialism with Han Characteristics

The daily international newspaper of the CCP, Global Times, has underlined it with emphasis and pride: “China is planning to mobilize more than 10 million young volunteers to help promote cultural, technological and medical development in rural areas by 2020, a move local officials said would help revitalize rural areas that are suffering from an outflow of talented and young workers.” It is stated in a recent document released by the Communist Youth League of China (CYL).

While it would be interesting to analyze the concept of “volunteer” in a totalitarian country, which controls its population with every possible technological device, and where people are free to do just what the regime says and wants, the serious point at stake here is the deployment of an ideological colonial armada aimed to “innovate” several territories and people that the CCP judges to be backward.