onsdag 3. april 2019

Chinese say Dalai Lama is in India - archive, 1959

The Dalai Lama has reached safety on Indian soil, foiling the tens of thousands of Chinese soldiers and paratroops who tried to hunt him down, according to diplomatic sources here to-night. The sources said the Tibetan ruler will be granted asylum by the Indian Government.

The first news came from the Chinese Communists themselves. The New China News Agency said he entered India on Tuesday and Indian border authorities had left Tawang, in the North-east Frontier Agency of Assam, to meet him. Tawang is 18 miles south of the Tibetan border and almost due south of Lhasa. Mr Nehru, the Indian Prime Minister, to-day summoned a hurried “top secret” meeting of the central parliamentary board of his Congress party. It was understood that delicate issues regarding Tibet were discussed – and political observers took this to mean the Dalai Lama. Party officials however, said all who took part were sworn to strict secrecy.