søndag 14. april 2019

China Enlarges Its Circle in Europe, and Tries to Convince Europeans It Comes in Peace

China’s premier surveyed construction of a long-sought bridge over Croatia’s Mali Ston Bay, home to China’s largest infrastructure project in Europe — built by a Chinese company with Chinese workers, and financed in large part by European Union money. A driving rain lashed the hills while the premier, Li Keqiang, was there on Thursday. But, Mr. Li declared, “This bridge will be a rainbow on earth.”

The reassuring language was part of a broader effort to convince increasingly skeptical European nations that China comes in peace. Fresh from a summit meeting with European Union leaders this week, Mr. Li, who as premier is China’s second-highest official after President Xi Jinping, arrived in Croatia for the annual meeting of an economic bloc that China has forged with 16 Central and Eastern European nations.