fredag 5. april 2019

China trying to whitewash 60 years of oppression in Tibet

Dharamshala, India — In what is seen as a "systematic" attempt to whitewash the grave human rights situation and the tragic reality in the last 60 years of illegal occupation of Tibet, China issued a new white paper on Tibet titled “Democratic Reform in Tibet: Sixty Years On,” said the Department of Information & International Relations (DIIR) of the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA).

China’s State Council Information Office released the white paper just a day ahead of the “Serfs Emancipation Day,” a holiday adopted in 2009, the same year that Tibetan self-immolation protests started in Tibet and just a year after the mass uprisings in Tibet. The white paper claims that in the 60 years after “liberating” Tibetans from “feudal serfdom,” Tibetans in TAR “have become masters of their own affairs” enjoying great ecological and infrastructural progress, and with “the freedom of religious belief of all ethnic groups […] equally respected and protected”.