onsdag 10. april 2019

A Second Tsinghua University Professor Is Investigated — But This Time, For Not Teaching Marxism ‘Correctly’

The suspension and investigation of Tsinghua University Professor of Law and liberal intellectual, Xǔ Zhāngrùn 许章润, was sudden but not unexpected. His controversial essay, titled “Imminent Fears, Immediate Hopes,” that attacked Xi Jinping’s scrapping of presidential term limits went viral over half a year ago — but 2019 is not a year like any other. This year is chock full of sensitive anniversaries for the Chinese Communist Party, and the two of utmost importance, the 100th anniversary of the May Fourth Movement and the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Protests, are just around the corner.

Indeed, as SupChina previously reported, there are already signs that the Youth League committees of institutions that played a crucial role in these landmark events, such as Peking University, have begun scoping out the political inclinations of their classmates in order to ensure nothing out of the ordinary happens in the near future.