fredag 8. mars 2019

'Time for the Chinese miracle': Beijing's new English language propaganda push

Chinese state media dropped a music video over the weekend featuring a little-known Chinese performer named Su Han. In the video Su raps over images of his country’s achievements, including a rover landing on the far side of the moon, a pair of cloned monkeys, high rise buildings, a group of smiling women in ethnic dress, and curiously, a server room.

The not-always-comprehensible song was released to mark China’s largest political event of the year, a meeting of advisory and legislative delegates known as the lianghui, or “Two Sessions”, which began this week. Among the more intelligible lines is this: “Monkey King to the West, legendary dragon to the sky, y’all know it’s time for Chinese miracle”. It goes on: “We’ve got Two Sessions, we’ve got Two Sessions for the fragrance we’re blessing, to the world we show our affection.”