lørdag 30. mars 2019

How China Used the Swedish Ambassador to Threaten Angela Gui

Angela Gui could hardly believe the situation she found herself in late January. In front of her, in a members’ lounge at Sheraton Hotel in Stockholm, sat two businessmen representing the Chinese regime, threatening that she would never see her father — the kidnapped book publisher Gui Minhai, a Chinese-born Swedish citizen — again if she continued to speak with media about his case.

Next to her was also Anna Lindstedt, the Swedish ambassador to China, trying to convince Angela to accept what she called “a new approach” from the intimidating businessmen. For having arranged this meeting, Lindstedt was called back from Beijing before her position was supposed to come to an end, and put under investigation by the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Soon, the Swedish Security Service also started an investigation against Lindstedt for arbitrary conduct when negotiating with a foreign power. And last week, it was reported that Lindstedt is now under investigation for breaching national security.