søndag 24. februar 2019

'I Have Seen China's Dark Side, So I am Even More Determined'

A woman jailed for making complaints about her forcible eviction at the hands of officials in the central Chinese province of Henan has vowed to continue her rights activism after being released at the end of a four-year prison term. Li Yufeng, 60, was released from Henan's Zhengzhou Women's Prison on Thursday at the end of her four-year sentence.

She told RFA that she had refused food on several occasions while in prison, in protest at her treatment. "I was in the women's prison for more than two years, during which time I wasn't able to get hot water to bathe," Li said. "I had to wash in cold water." Li's lawyer had lodged a formal complaint with the prison authorities over her treatment, which included being forced to wear manacles and leg irons, and to have her arms pinned behind her back as a punishment.