torsdag 14. februar 2019

Huawei, US-China tensions and West’s 5G fears on the agenda as Beijing joins security talks

China’s most senior diplomat is expected to try to assuage Western cybersecurity fears at a top gathering in Germany on Friday, analysts said.  State Councillor Yang Jiechi will be confronted by the US and its allies on issues including Venezuela, Iran and Chinese technology giant Huawei’s part in developing 5G networks at the three-day Munich Security Conference.

With a trade conflict and a military rivalry between Beijing and Washington simmer in the background, conference organisers expect 35 heads of government and heads of state, and 50 foreign and defence ministers, including an American delegation with Vice-President Mike Pence, to attend. Yang, a member of the Communist Party’s Politburo, will represent China at the conference, which he last attended in 2015. Last year’s conference was attended by Foreign Minister Wang Yi.