lørdag 9. februar 2019

Facebook wades into world's longest civil war, but does it know what it's doing?

For more than 60 years, a protracted civil war has simmered across Myanmar, largely hidden from the outside world. Rebel armies -- 15 are active in the country -- are fighting the Myanmar military for greater autonomy and control over various minority ethnic areas, a complex and often intertwining struggle that has seen thousands of civilians killed and hundreds of thousands displaced. Some of the rebels, like the Kachin Independence Army and the United Wa State Army, have controlled and administered large swaths of territory for years.

On Tuesday, Facebook appeared to inadvertently wade into the conflict -- considered by many to be the world's longest-running civil war -- by announcing a ban on profile pages linked to four ethnic rebel groups. The move was part of the company's efforts to clamp down on the spread of hate speech and incitement to violence on its platform.