fredag 8. februar 2019

China and Taiwan clash in Lunar New Year military propaganda videos

Beijing and Taipei have marked the Lunar New Year holiday by releasing competing videos of military grandstanding, in the latest rhetorical clash between the two governments.
China's People's Liberation Army (PLA) published a video on Sunday showing famous sights and scenery from across the island of Taiwan juxtaposed against images of PLA jets and bombers soaring through the sky. The propaganda video was titled "My Fighting Eagles Fly Around Taiwan." The background lyrics called for China's "brothers and sisters" to "gently ... return."

In response, the self-governed island's military released a dramatic video of soldiers, tanks and explosions on Sunday, overlaid with the message that Taiwan's army was "on standby 24/7. "Many men and women serving in the armed forces will miss New Year's Eve dinners with their families, but they will not be absent from standing guard to protect the country," Taiwan's military posted on their official Facebook.