tirsdag 29. januar 2019

‘You are here for me for life’: Beijing releases song marking 45 years of diplomatic ties with Malaysia

A song emphasising the lasting friendship between China and Malaysia has been released by Beijing’s embassy in Kuala Lumpur to commemorate the two nations’ 45 years of diplomatic ties. Bahu Kiri (“left shoulder” in Malay) or Zuo Jian is performed by 19-year-old Malaysian singers Jeryl Lee Pei Ling and Siti Nurmasyitah Mohd Yusoff, who have recorded two versions – in both Malay and Mandarin.

The song’s lyrics describe the two countries as “brothers through it all” who “nothing can stop” from bonding. "Only you can calm my heart when troubles arise. You are here for me for life,” Lee and Siti sing.