onsdag 2. januar 2019

Xi warns Taiwan independence is 'a dead end'

Xi Jinping called on Taiwan to reject independence and embrace "peaceful reunification" with China, in a conciliatory speech that nevertheless took a hard line on the self-governing island's political sovereignty and freedoms. The Chinese President's Wednesday address was a far cry from one he gave in March last year, in which he said "not a single inch of our land" could be ceded from China, adding the country was prepared to "fight the bloody battle against our enemies."

By contrast, the latest speech -- marking 40 years since a key policy document opened the door for rapprochement between Beijing and Taipei -- was largely procedural, even outlining how a future system would respect Taiwanese people's "private assets, religions, beliefs and legitimate rights," as Xi attempted to portray the future unification of China and Taiwan as an inevitability. "Reunification is the historical trend and the right path, Taiwan independence is ... a dead end," he said.