tirsdag 1. januar 2019

Xi Jinping’s New Year’s address: pace of reforms won’t stagnate but challenges lie ahead for China

The pace of reform in China will not stagnate and it will open its door wider still to the outside world, Chinese President Xi Jinping said on Monday in his New Year message, as he also warned of challenges ahead – without mentioning the US trade war. Xi has repeatedly pledged his support for reform this year, as China marks 40 years since landmark changes to its economic model, amid mounting pressure to improve market access for foreign companies as the trade war continues.

In a speech carried by all major state media, Xi said that in 2018 China had pushed more than 100 important reform measures. “The world has seen a China whose reforms and opening up have gathered speed …” Xi said. “Our pace of reforms will not stagnate, and the door to opening up will widen further.”