torsdag 31. januar 2019

World’s Tallest Bronze Statue of Laozi Hidden by State (VIDEO)

Eight years after local authorities attended the ceremonial unveiling, the same authorities now say the statue of the Daoist holy man is unapproved and must go. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) ordered local authorities in Luoyang city, in Henan province in central China, to cover and hide from view the world’s tallest bronze statue of Laozi (also known as Lao-Tzu and Lao Tze) who is considered to be the father of Daoism and a deity in Daoist and traditional Chinese religions.

The Laozi statue on the Daoist cultural heritage land of Laojun Mountain is 38 meters tall and was cast with 360 tons of a tin-bronze alloy at a cost of nearly 350 million RMB (about $52 million). It has been designated as a state-level 5A tourist attraction, the highest ranking available. In February 2014, this bronze statue of Laozi was recognized by Guinness World Records as “the world’s tallest bronze statue of Laozi.”