søndag 27. januar 2019

Vodafone, One of World’s Largest Cell Carriers, Halts Buying of Huawei Gear

The Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei was dealt another blow on Friday when one of the world’s largest wireless carriers suspended its purchases from the company in Europe over security concerns about its ties to the Chinese government.

Vodafone Group, which is based in London, said it would temporarily stop buying Huawei equipment for core parts of its next-generation wireless networks, known as 5G. Nick Read, Vodafone’s chief executive officer, said the pause was necessary while European governments considered whether to ban the use of Huawei equipment. Mr. Read said Vodafone’s decision reflected political factors rather than any newly discovered security vulnerabilities. Huawei has been dogged by a campaign led by United States officials, who have argued that Beijing could use the company’s gear for spying.

“The noise level is at an unhealthy level across Europe,” Mr. Read said during a conference call with reporters.