tirsdag 15. januar 2019

The Battle of Lhasa, 1959: Where It All Began

In March 1959, China suppressed a protest in Lhasa by slaughtering thousands of civilians and, in breach of the agreements it had subscribed in 1951, dissolving the Tibetan government and converting Tibet into a Chinese province. It was the beginning of a policy where CCP decided to ignore international law and answer the world’s protests mostly by fabricating fake news.

2019 will mark the 60th anniversary of the Battle of Lhasa of 1959, a crucial turning point in the history of CCP’s violations of human rights and open defiance of international laws and conventions. What is happening in Xinjiang now is the logical continuation of a policy initiated in Tibet in the 1950s. For the CCP, the pursuit of its own ideological interests is more important than its international image and public relations. When confronted with international criticism, the CCP’s first reaction is to start fabricating fake news.