tirsdag 1. januar 2019

Nuclear tyrant or global statesman? Kim Jong Un's 2019 game plan for North Korea awaits

Kim Jong Un shocked the world in 2018 by transforming his image from nuclear-armed tyrant to global statesman. So what does he have up his sleeve for 2019? Analysts believe that key clues will emerge during his annual New Year's Day speech -- essentially North Korea's version of the State of the Union in the United States.

Experts will be watching for any mention of a second summit with US President Donald Trump or anything on Pyongyang's nuclear weapons program. Kim could also reveal key decisions on economic policy and inter-Korean relations. In a sign of his new diplomatic push, Kim sent a letter to South Korean President Moon Jae-in on Sunday. In it, Kim said he regretted not being able to visit Seoul in 2018 but expressed a strong will to travel to the South Korean capital in the future.