søndag 27. januar 2019

Huawei rolls out 5G chipset amid cybersecurity war of words

These are surreal days for Huawei. On Thursday, the telecom giant hit the pause button on the cybersecurity row, which has spilled over from the trade war between the United States and China, to announce a breakthrough in 5G technology. Speaking at the group’s research and development center in Beijing, Executive Director Ryan Ding unveiled a revolutionary chipset from Huawei’s arsenal of cutting-edge tech.

“Known as Tiangang, [it] will support simplified 5G networks and large-scale network deployment around the world,” he said. “The company has now secured 30 5G commercial contracts [with more than] 50% in Europe,” Ding added, without revealing further details. Still, the sprawling family-run business is under fire on numerous fronts.