torsdag 10. januar 2019

China to Ban 'Harmful' Apps From Primary Schools to College Campuses

China's ministry of education has banned the use of apps by students from elementary school to university that don't fit in with government guidelines, or that "violate educational rules," official media reported. Education officials across the country are being ordered to set up "daily supervision" of students, including those in primary and high school education, "to ensure that mobile device apps used by the schools meet the standards set by the ministry," state news agency Xinhua reported.

"Some apps contain pornography, violence, online games, commercial advertisement, as well as those that violate education rules," the agency said, citing education officials in Beijing. "Negative content can impact the physical and psychological health and education of students," it said. All content, links, functions, and information security of apps on students' phone should be "strictly reviewed" and the results filed to higher education authorities for approval, the agency said.