tirsdag 15. januar 2019

Canada revises travel advice for China in wake of citizen's death sentence

Canada has issued a travel warning to its citizens going to China, in the wake of a Canadian man being sentenced to death over drugs charges. On Monday a Chinese court upped Robert Lloyd Schellenberg’s sentence from 15 years in prison to execution after he appealed against the court’s December verdict.

A retrial was ordered after prosecutors claimed new evidence showed Schellenberg played an important role in drug trafficking operations. “The evidence is compelling and ample, and the criminal charges are well founded,” the court said. It said Schellenberg could appeal to the Liaoning high court within 10 days.

Late on Monday, Canada’s foreign ministry updated its travel advisory for China to warn citizens about “the risk of arbitrary enforcement of local laws.” It added: “We continue to advise all Canadians travelling to China to exercise a high degree of caution.”