mandag 31. desember 2018

The Orwellian Life in Xinjiang Campuses

More than a million Uyghurs are languishing in transformation through education camps, but millions are still at large in the no-mans land of uncertainty where a careless word or administrative whim could put them behind bars.

Those still enjoying their liberty might not yet be in captivity, but the relentless gauntlet of checkpoints, metal detectors, I.D. and phone checks continues unabated and every day dawns with another roll of razor wire or layer of security to navigate. There are no rules or certainties in this Orwellian game of cat and mouse and few are winners. Students in particular have to tread a fine line. On the surface they appear to be more immune than others from random round-ups and incarcerations, but they realize they are a hair’s breadth away from attracting the unwelcome attention of the authorities. The tension they live under is palpable.