søndag 9. desember 2018

Europe and U.S. Agree on Chinese Threat, but Are Too Busy Feuding to Fight It

They are creating defenses to limit Chinese investment, accusing China of seizing technology from foreign companies and warning of Chinese efforts to undermine their political system. It may all sound like a game plan hatched by officials in Washington, but the agenda is straight out of Brussels. While President Trump battles China over the issue of trade, Europe is in the midst of a conflict with Beijing that, in its own way, is just as intense.

European leaders have become increasingly alarmed by what they consider China’s aggressive incursions into the continent’s economy, including paying $23 million to expand port facilities in Bulgaria, providing $3.8 billion in financing for a high-speed railroad connecting Hungary and Serbia and acquiring a German robotics company that employs 14,000 people worldwide.